nascar racing schedule

If you are new to the world of NASCAR racing, you might feel that the sport season never comes to a close. Moreover, the race is hosted by SPEED and ESPN even on Saturdays and Sundays. Nevertheless, the sport has a predestined schedule. The NASCAR racing schedule is programmed by experts. It is crafted in a systematic manner. To be more precise, the race follows a well defined plan. The NASCAR season will have 32 races. The races would span across 10 long months. The races would begin in February and end in November, every year!

A long league
NASCAR racing was incepted in 1964. During its early days, racers had to complete 62 races. The very first season began on November 10 1963, and concluded on November 8, 1964. The long season was admired by enthusiastic sportsmen and youngsters. When compared against many other sports tournaments, like the Major League Baseball (MLB), NASCAR lasts for a very long time. The 10-month NASCAR racing schedule does not include the Bud shootouts and “All star races”.

The super bowl season!
Irrespective of how the NASCAR racing schedule works, sincere fans tend to love the sound and feel of the sport. Daytona 500 is a world famous NASCAR session. The race is considered as a “Super Bowl” by many patrons. Race teams club in a great amount of effort and energy whilst preparing for the special Daytona 500. The race plays a very important role in NASCAR. Daytona 500 tends to attract a very large crowd and lots of sponsors.

nascar racing schedule

World famous Daytona 500
According to the NASCAR racing schedule, Daytona 500 begins the whole season. Daytona 500 has created a strong vibe amongst fans. They tend to wait in anticipation and curiosity for the energetic off-season to finish, and for Daytona 500 to begin once again. Under normal conditions, NASCAR race teams and organizers would arrive at the race track on a fresh Thursday. When the race is scheduled in far away tracks, few race hauler drivers are forced to have a very small downtime. Conversely, the NASCAR racing schedule has prominent breaks.

Few constraints tackled by the organizers
NASCAR officials take in consideration many constraints before they prepare the final schedule. Recent survey showed that the officials are not interested in adding new races to the very long schedule. Nevertheless, serious evaluations are done to judge if a race has to be shifted to another time of the year. Racers who miss the scheduled sessions will not be allowed to proceed further. Thus, the strict schedule is meant to be followed by every driver.

Why is NASCAR famous?
As mentioned previously, racers are ought to travel 10 months every year. The demanding schedule increases the real spirit and challenging nature of the sport. The overwhelming schedule makes the whole idea of NASCAR racing arduous. Nevertheless, young drivers are mesmerized by the sport’s huge prize money and wild competition. This evolves to be the prime success behind the sturdy NASCAR racing schedule.

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