nascar racing results

The Story of the Stock Car Racing Empire – NASCAR

NASCAR needs no introduction. It is the largest governing body of stock car sports across the globe. It hosts the prestigious Sprint Cup Series; this series is regarded as foremost in stock car racing.  To add to its achievements, is its second rank in the list of professional sports franchises with the highest television ratings in the United States.

The popularity of the sport led us dig deep into its roots. We were appalled at how this stock car racing empire has grown over the years.  Here’s providing a few snippets of their past and a brief on features typical to NASCAR.

nascar racing results

It all began at Charlotte…

Stock car racing emerged as a sports pastime in the 1940s. It attracted large crowds of spectators. The increasing fan popularity encouraged a number of drivers to train in the sport. The first strictly stock car race was organized in Charlotte N.C.  The participants used their family vehicles modified for speed and handling. The races were unregulated sport events without any specific rules and guidelines. Several tracks were built and each had a separate set of rules governing them.

Bill France Sr., a stock car racer in those times, decided to convene a meeting at Daytona Beach in December 1947 one to gather all those interested in stock car racing and two to discuss the future of this sport. Thus was born NASCAR – National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing- in 1947. Bill France Sr. was the founding member and the first chairman of this regulating body.  In 2009, Brian France was appointed as the CEO of NASCAR.

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The first NASCAR-sanctioned race, also the inaugural race, was held in February 1948. Red Byron sped away in his modified Ford to become the first winner of NASCAR stock races- a name that would become legendary in the years to come.

NASCAR has come a long way since those days. It is well organized body. It regulates and governs stock car races. It controls different aspects of racing such as race venues, NASCAR merchandise and safety standards. With its growing success, NASCAR continued to add a new series to its fold which include the Sprint Cup Series, the Camping World Truck Series and the Nationwide Series.


  • The NACAR races are broadcast live in 150 countries of the world.
  • NASCAR stock car races have a very strong backing from Fortune 500 companies; it is the highest for this sport.
  • NASCAR has a large fan base of approximately 75 million.
  • NASCAR rather stock car racing has developed its own register with wacky terms and concepts.

Shades of NASCAR in Literature

The NASCAR craze goes beyond sports fans and racing enthusiasts. A number of books have used NASCAR racing as their backdrop.  One of them is Kathy Reichs’ fourteenth book of the popular Temperance Brennan Series.  Through her book, the author gives her audience a glimpse into the world of NASCAR – its history, its organization and its impact on the American society.

People travel miles to watch a NASCAR race live and cheer their favorite drivers as they vie for victory.  Make sure you check out the NASCAR race schedule before you purchase your pass. And if you want to place a wager on your favorite driver, first scan previous NASCAR racing results. NASCAR racing results are available online.

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